World’s Biggest Clam (Tridacna gigas) Found Scuba Diving in Palawan, Philippines.

World Biggest Clam Species

Cost of Living in the Philippines is a series I do based on my travels and this particular video was a 3 dive day tour on what is known as a pump boat and had a cost of 3400 pesos PER DAY which is approximately $80 American $240.00.

Although it is the most expensive dive facility in Palawan, I suggest if you are looking to save approximately 1000 pesos or $20 per day you review some of the other facilities available in Coron Palawan as I myself will do as well because it will be an extended 20 day trip which will save me approximately $400 and $400 that I don’t have to take out of the bank and that my friends is how you save money in the Philippines.

The typical diving day for any of the facilities consists of 3 individual diving experiences.

The first dive is usually the deepest at around 33 m and the boat moves off to the next location.

The 2nd dive is typically between 20 and 25 m and then the boat moves off to its next location

And the 3rd dive is typically less than 20 m

The day starts at 7 AM and typically you are back at the dock by 3:30 PM.

I suggest when you do search for other dive sites you make sure there are 3 dives in the curriculum for the day otherwise you are getting shortchanged.

You should also note you need to bring lunch and water as it is not supplied on any of the diving vessels that I have been on in the Philippines to date.

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